When Prince Harry was young, Princess Diana did her best to make sure he and Prince William had a memorable childhood. Despite her efforts, the princes were constantly followed by paparazzi and felt stressed about the amount of attention they received from outsiders.

Now that Harry is a father, he wants to protect Archie’s childhood memories and shield his son from some of the stress he had to face. The 35-year-old and his wife, Meghan Markle, are reportedly desperate to give their child a normal upbringing.

During the ”Royals” podcast, royal expert, Angela Mollard claimed Prince Harry wants baby Archie to have an upbringing similar to his cousin Zara Tindall’s and her daughters. 

“I’ve been reading [biographer] Angela Levin, she spent a lot of time with him, I think nearly a year on royal tours and in interviews,” she explained.

“She knows that what he really wants is this private life for his child. He very much feels that he’s down that hierarchy from William, it should afford him the kind of life that Zara and Peter Phillips enjoyed,” the commentator added.

Mollard revealed Harry admired Princess Anne’s decision to protect her children from the royal spotlight. “He’s looked at his cousins all these years and thought how smart it was that Princess Anne didn’t give her children titles,” the expert said.

“They’ve been allowed to grow up fairly normally, both Zara and Peter, and then their children, Mia, and her little sister, Lena, and Peter’s children are just not in the limelight. I think that’s what he desperately wants for Archie.”

Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan dismissed the idea of giving baby Archie a title like his cousins, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis. For now, the baby will be known as “Master Archie.”

When Prince Charles becomes king Meghan and Prince Harry could choose to give Archie a prince title, but the couple seems determined to make their son a private citizen.