Prince Harry shocked fans when he slammed the media for criticizing Meghan Markle. However, one royal expert believes Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t approve of the Duke of Sussex’s statement.

Since Harry married Meghan in 2018, the former “Suits” star has been harshly criticized in the press. Months after the Daily Mail published a private letter she sent to her father, Prince Harry announced the couple’s decision to take legal action against the publication for violating their privacy.

According to ITV, royal biographer, Penny Junor claimed Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t have supported her grandson’s decision to rant against the media.

Due to her experience with Prince Charles’ affair and other royal scandals, the author insisted the monarch wouldn’t have made an exception for Meghan.

“None of the advisers that I’ve known over the years in any of the palaces would have let, in my view, a statement like that go out,” Junor explained.

“I can’t think the Queen would approve of that statement, I don’t think the Prince of Wales would ever put a statement out like that, and my goodness, over the years he’s had cause when the media have been attacking him or Camilla. I don’t think even his brother would have advised putting out a statement like that.”

Junor claimed Prince Harry’s “very over-emotional outburst” could ruin his relationship with the press. The biographer suggested the Duke of Sussex was “poking the bear” with his angry letter and “might regret it.”

“I like him a lot, and I respect him, and I feel very sorry for him because he is wanting to protect his wife, and that’s really admirable, and I think that he’s gone a bit over the top here,” she said.

Prince Harry and Meghan recently returned to the UK after wrapping up their royal tour of Africa on Wednesday.

All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency
All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency AFP / Michele Spatari