Prince Harry is reportedly making himself “newsworthy.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised many when they announced that they had filed a lawsuit against Mail on Sunday for publishing and editing Markle’s letter to her father. Shortly after that, Prince Harry filed additional lawsuits against The Sun and Daily Mirror for an alleged phone hacking.

A senior employee at one of the named outlets spoke to The Daily Beast and shared that since 2011 there have been a steady steam of civil cases about phone hacking without evidence. The complainant would just say that they would not get that story they published without hacking their phone, but they don’t hack anyone’s phone. Their lawyers just settle it because it’s easier and for some reason he believed that Prince Harry “wants to make a big public statement out of it.”

“Harry is making himself newsworthy. He seems to have lost the plot with the press. This is a very aggressive and odd move and is obviously being driven by the way the press has covered Meghan. This is payback,” a former royal correspondent added.

There’s a general view that Prince Harry is only doing it for vendetta. Many also believe that he did not inform the other members of the royal family about his decision and he is already harming the monarchy.

“You definitely get the impression he is doing this without consulting anyone, just like he did with the statement this week and the action against the Mail on Sunday. He is just launching his own actions and he is going to drag the whole royal family down with him,” the source said.

The Sun released a statement regarding Prince Harry’s war against the press and called the Duke of Sussex “Prince harming.” Dan Wootton wrote on Twitter that the royal’s war against the press is “unhinged.”

Meanwhile, royal fans believe that the media should not support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Next week, Prince Harry and Markle are due to attend the annual WellChild Awards at The Royal Lancaster Hotel and some netizens called out the press to not show up at the event and boycott the “Duke and Duchess of Suing.”

All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency
All smiles: Prince Harry at the British High Commissioner's residency AFP / Michele Spatari