• Prince Harry married Meghan Markle because she’s like Princess Diana, a former royal butler said
  • Paul Burrell advised Meghan Markle to always stick with her husband Prince Harry
  • Princess Diana's former butler warned Meghan Markle after marrying Prince Harry

Prince Harry only married Meghan Markle because she’s like Princess Diana, Paul Burrell claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex has been compared to the late Princess of Wales. Princess Diana’s former butler saw their similarities and claimed that Prince Harry was attracted to Markle due to what his mom and his wife have in common.

“Harry went for and married Meghan because she's like Diana,” Burrell said in an interview with Closer magazine (via Marie Claire).

“Both women who would always stand up for what they believe in and wouldn't be pushovers.”

Burrell believes that if Princess Diana and Markle had the chance to meet, their similarities could have cause some issues between them.

“I think, possibly, they would have clashed. I imagine it would have been two strong, independent women with different views on things—it would have been a battle between Meghan's way and Diana's way,” he continued.

Burrell worked for Princess Diana for 10 years before she died in a tragic car crash in 1997. According to him, although the two women share some similarities, the former “Suits” star is more media savvy and experienced.

The former royal butler described Princess Diana as young and naive. Meanwhile, he felt that Markle has a game plan and doesn’t need to find her voice in the media unlike Prince Harry’s mother.

“Diana did the book with Andrew Morton and courted the press over the years because she didn't have a voice. And her strong-mindedness meant she cared and she felt the people of the country had a right to know what had gone on behind closed doors,” Burrell added.

In a previous interview, Burrell also spoke about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to him, if Princess Diana were alive, she would pick Markle for her son.

Just like Prince Charles’ first wife, he described Markle as a “game changer.” Markle was unlike any other royal brides because she is divorced and a woman of color.

Prior to Prince Harry and Markle’s exit, he also advised the duchess to stick with her husband because “they are going to set traps” and “there will be pitfalls along the way.” Burrell was referring to the big personalities and egos in the palace.