Prince Harry
Prince Harry may have problems raising his baby if he will be an Aries. Pictured: Prince Harry greets well-wishers on Hamilton Square as he visits a new statue to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of poet Wilfred Owen, which was erected on Hamilton Square in November, during an official visit to Birkenhead on January 14, 2019 in Birkenhead, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Charlotte Graham-WPA Pool

Prince Harry’s firstborn will be a challenge for the first-time dad due to its rebellious personality.

Mirjam Schneider, an astrology expert, told Express that Prince Harry’s will most likely be an Aries, and if he will have a baby boy, his son will struggle with following royal rules and strict protocols. Instead of conforming to norms, the newest addition to the royal family may grow up wanting to spark new ideas and push others out of their comfort zone.

“Aries is not a patient sign, it’s this impulsive, restless, fast-forward energy. These people like to go out there on their own and show what they’re capable of, which in turn can actually scare a Taurus,” the expert said.

Additionally, Schneider said that Markle and Prince Harry’s baby will be much less controlled emotionally and this could cause a bit of a problem with their behavior in public. The expert described an Aries further by saying that they are gutsy, fearless, enthusiastic, dynamic and in need of challenge and adventure.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is a Leo, will get on well with her firstborn if he will be an Aries because her offspring will challenge her so that she could show her outgoing personality. And the Leo, in turn, likes the attention and the limelight and always looks for recognition.

“She would certainly love to engage with that fiery Aries energy and feel encouraged to show her personality,” she said.

Meanwhile, it is also possible for Markle and Prince Harry’s baby to be a Taurus if it will be born between April 21 and May 21. During her trip to Birkenhead, the “Suits” alum said that she is only 6 months pregnant. She also said that she is scheduled to give birth at the end of April or at the beginning of May.

If this will really be the case, Markle and Prince Harry’s baby could share a birthday with either Prince Louis on April 23 and Princess Charlotte on May 2, and all three will be Taureans.