Prince William has been criticized for not being a gentleman to his wife, Kate Middleton.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have kicked off their tour to Pakistan on Monday. The couple already did a few engagements, but the future king disappointed many when he failed to be a gentleman to his wife, Express reported.

Prince William and Middleton arrived at Islamabad’s Pakistan Monument in the traditional rickshaw. A footage shows that the Duke of Cambridge gets out of the rickshaw and waits by the door before Middleton follows him from the other side and walks around the three-wheeled passenger cart to join him.

Eagle-eyed royal fans immediately criticized Prince William for not opening the door for the duchess. According to them, he was not being a gentleman by failing to open the door for his wife.

“William could have been the gentleman and helped Kate out of the rickshaw,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

“A real Prince always opens the door for his Princess no matter if it’s a rickshaw door or a car door,” a different royal fan added.

Meanwhile, others focused on the prince’s fantastic outfit and complimented him for looking fantastic. A different netizen also said that the future king is adorable and amazing.

This wasn’t the first time that royal fans criticized Prince William for failing to help Middleton. Videos of Prince William and Prince Harry’s wedding day have resurfaced online. The netizens compared how the two princes treated their brides based on the clips.

In a short clip, Prince  Harry can be seen helping Meghan Markle climb the carriage. He gets Markle’s bouquet and helps her settle down before he sits down beside her.

On the other hand, Prince William just climbs and sits while watching Middleton figure out her way to climb the carriage. The Duke of Cambridge reaches out to get his bride’s bouquet but unlike Prince Harry, he just sits and waits for his wife to settle down.