Prince William lacks manners while Prince Harry is a true gentleman, according to netizens.

A clip taken from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s and Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal weddings was shared on Twitter. The short video shows the big difference between the two princes.

The first part of the clip shows how Prince Harry assists his bride, Meghan Markle, in climbing the carriage. The Duke of Sussex holds Markle’s bouquet and waits until she is settled before he sits beside her.

The second part of the clip shows how Prince William climbs and sits in the carriage while watching Middleton figure out her way to climb the carriage. The Duke of Cambridge reaches out to hold Middleton’s bouquet but unlike his younger brother, he immediately sits and fails to help his bride settle down.

The clip garnered mixed reactions from the netizens. Many praised Prince Harry for being a true gentleman while others criticized Prince William for his lack of manners.

“The other son just plopped his [explicit] in the carriage without giving dupliKate a thought. If u r royal with a spouse u love..It shouldn't matter if protocol says only staff assists. If u care 4 youe[sic] spouse it should b instinctual to b a gentleman. The other son has zero instincts,” one netizen commented.

Royal followers were expecting more from Prince William because he is the future king. They were disappointed with how he treated Middleton during the carriage ride.

“He’s out for himself and he has not an ounce of manners in him. And this is the king the British wants?” one user wrote.

“It’s pretty shocking. One would expect impeccable manners from a prince. Will’s education is clearly lacking in that area,” another user added.

A different user said that Middleton got used to Prince William’s treatment. The netizen recalled an incident when Prince William placed himself in front of Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge just smiled and looked at him.

In related news, some accused the future king of manipulating the media during his split from Middleton. Prince William and Middleton faced two major separations before they got engaged and married each other.