Kate Middleton doesn’t do this one thing for Prince William that most wives do to their husbands.

One netizen took to Quora and asked why Prince William needs someone to lay out his clothes and added, “Doesn’t Kate do that?” Preparing the husband’s clothes are among the tasks most wives do for their beloved partners, but the future queen consort reportedly doesn’t do it. However, the netizens understand the Duchess of Cambridge and even defended her.

“They are a modern couple, and very egalitarian in their relationship, which is as it should be. The idea that Kate should be laying out his clothes in addition to everything else she has going is sexist,” Shelley Kesselman commented.

Another online user said that the answer to the question is very simple: “the royal family are rich and lazy.” Thorsten Latz felt that Middleton not doing this sort of thing for Prince William is not an issue. According to him, we are no longer in the 1950s and it’s not a woman’s job to be a servant to her husband. So, if one can afford to rent a servant to do it like the royals, then they should do so.

“Like most celebrities who are constantly in demand and subject to intense scrutiny, I’m sure that the couple employ stylists to ensure they have the right outfit for every occasion. Their attire is scrutinized in the context of fashion, appropriateness to the occasion, ethically (and nationally) sourced, and many other considerations.The fact that it appears effortless is testimony to the importance of a skilled dresser,” Phil Hanbidge added.

Meanwhile, Diana Pleasant shared another sound opinion. According to her, it is customary for Prince William to have his attire ready by someone else. This custom started long before Prince William met and married Middleton. His appearance is the first thing that people notice and it’s very important that he is well-dressed. Thus, the future king should let his valet do the job.

In related news, Prince Harry and Prince William have already forgiven Prince Charles despite his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Many believe that the two siblings wanted their father to be happy, but Prince William got upset when his mother aired their dirty linen in public after doing her infamous Panorama interview.