Ever since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, there have been rumors that his relationship with Prince William has fallen apart. The Duke of Sussex appeared to fuel the rumors during a chat with ITV’s Tom Bradby in the documentary, “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.”

On the television special, Harry discussed his and Meghan’s struggle to deal with criticism from the British tabloid. He also addressed reports about his relationship with William. The 34-year-old revealed that although he loved his brother, the two have experienced several disagreements.

According to US Weekly, things are “not great” between the brothers. A royal insider told the outlet the siblings have failed to mend their damaged relationship. “They both need to put in the effort to rebuild their relationship,” the source explained.

Due to their different personalities, Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been strained, and there are a lot of underlying issues that the brothers need to work through.  “There’s always been a part of Harry that felt like he was living in his brother’s shadow,” the insider said.

“He doesn’t envy the responsibility that comes with being the future king of England, but William’s the ‘golden boy,’ and Harry feels like he has a lot to live up to.” 

In October, a different source told the outlet that despite their differences, William wants the best for Harry and wants to support him. 

“Even though the brothers have grown apart, William still cares about Harry and is hoping that he’ll open up to him about his current struggles,” the confidant claimed.

“William wants to be there for Harry and hates seeing him in such a bad place,” the insider added.

Prince William and Prince Harry are expected to reunite over the weekend. The two are expected to attend several events in recognition of Remembrance Day.