Prince Harry rewore his broken shoes at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding on Friday.

The sighting came just as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were entering St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle ahead of Princess Eugenie’s wedding ceremony. Daily Mail noted that Prince Harry’s footwear was the same one that he wore during his friend’s wedding in August.

Prince Harry’s left shoe featured a large hole in its sole, and it’s possibly due to the fact that he has been using it for years. After the sighting, royal fans noted that Prince Harry became even more relatable since he couldn’t care less about his footwear just like a lot of people.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s left shoe reports came around the same time that his wife made headlines regarding a rumored pregnancy. Markle was spotted wearing an oversized blue coat at the royal wedding, and fans believe that this was her subtle way of hiding her baby bump.

Royal fans questioned why Markle wore a coat when Kate Middleton didn’t wear one. Other members of the royal family didn’t wear the cover-up either except for Queen Elizabeth II.

James Brookes, a royal insider, told Express that it is highly likely for the “Suits” alum to announce her pregnancy in May. This means that the Duchess of Sussex cannot be pregnant at the moment.

“I think if they did wait those six months after they come back, that gives them until May. They will have been married a year, and they will have been out on plenty of engagements, they will then be able to make the decision okay, we’ve been married a year, are we starting to think about a family,” he said.

Brookes didn’t discount the possibility that Markle could get pregnant before May 2019.

“If that comes earlier and that surprises me so well be it. I wouldn’t be of any doubt that they will start a family, and they do want to, it’s just making sure that it’s the right time for them,” he said.