Prince Harry has been warned against focusing too much on Meghan Markle’s flaws instead of celebrating the Duchess of Sussex’s achievements.

Astrologer Russell Grant told Express that the month of September will be challenging for the royal couple because the Duke of Sussex will be focusing more on his wife’s shortcomings.

Archie’s dad was born on Sept. 15, which makes him a Virgo. Individuals born under this sign are loyal, analytical, kind, and practical. But their weaknesses oftentimes include shyness, worrying, overthinking, and more.

Grant said that it is possible for Prince Harry to not give his partner enough credit. But he also advised the new dad to stop focusing on Markle’s flaws and to focus more on her strengths.

“Spend a few minutes each day making a list of all their positive aspects. By changing your thoughts from negative to positive, your relationship will thrive,” Grant said.

And when it comes to business matters, the astrologer said that this month is not a good time for him to sign a contract.

“There will be hidden clauses to this agreement that work against you. The harder someone pushes you to sign this deal, the stronger you should resist it,” he said.

Meanwhile, there are rumors suggesting that Prince Harry and Markle’s marriage is on the rocks. Now that the couple has reached their third anniversary, it is possible that they have already moved past the so-called limerence phase in their relationship.

While speaking on the “Royals” podcast, royal expert Angela Mollard said that limerence is deeper than infatuation, which means that couple is already past their honeymoon phase.

The royal expert said that three years is around the stage where reality starts to kick in. And since there are tons of pressures in a couple’s marriage, Prince Harry and Markle need to be careful not to stress each other too much.

Prince Harry and Markle tied the knot last year after over a year of dating.