• Prince Harry said he didn't like England that much in a resurfaced video
  • Twitter users slammed the Duke of Sussex after seeing the video
  • Some netizens defended Prince Harry from the criticisms 

Prince Harry is in hot water again after an old video of him saying he didn't like England that much resurfaced months after he and Meghan Markle moved to the United States.

The Duke of Sussex was one of the most popular royals when he was still working for the monarchy. However, an old video when Prince Harry was still serving in the military resurfaced, and in it he mentioned that he didn't like England.

"If you join the army, you expect to be on operations. I don't want to sit around the Windsor because I, just generally, don't like England that much and it's nice to be away from all the press and the papers and the general show that they run," he said in the clip that resurfaced on Twitter.

The netizens who watched the video were disappointed after hearing Prince Harry’s statement because he grew up as a royal and served the monarchy for years before he stepped down earlier this year. Many slammed the duke because of it.

"He has been in the army of his country and confesses that he does not like his country, and then he begins to pretend to be respectful in a cemetery, I would like to hear what his companions think, the queen's grandson cannot be, what the military in the United States," one commented.

"He is a throughly unpleasant individual....hats off to the Palace PR machine that made us believe he was likeable for years, they had me fooled," another wrote.

"H is showing what he thinks of his family and country. We thought it was M when it H who had it all planned. After reading pieces of the Crown his hatred of the royals is definitive," another netizen added.

Meanwhile, a different netizen stated that what Prince Harry said was an insult. The Twitter user called Prince Harry a "little spoilt boy" who plays dress up in army uniform and uses the war graves for publicity.

"Strip him of all titles & money see if he can stand on his own pampered feet. All military's should complain about this to HRH," @WhispererLittle added.

"At one time I liked Harry.  And to be honest, Meghan too.  But they have EARNED my contempt," Fay wrote.

Some also defended Prince Harry. For them, Prince Harry only mentioned what he didn't like about England, particularly the press there.

"He literally gave context about why he didn’t like England... he was stuck in the palace, and bombarded by the press... he enjoyed being out and serving his country away from the press," one wrote.

"His military brethren stand FIRMLY with him," a different user added.

Another said Prince Harry was a young man during the interview and he didn't like to be a prisoner in the palace or be bombarded by the press. He also reminded the others that the Duke of Sussex willingly went into battle for his country.

Prince Harry Britain's Prince Harry is pictured. Photo: AFP/Adrian DENNIS