• Prince Harry's body language during the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue showed that he wanted to connect with his brother
  • Prince William was more stoic and less engaging compared to Prince Harry
  • Prince Harry showed a certain level of comfort and looked at Prince William more during their public reunion

Prince Harry tried to reach out and engage with Prince William during their most recent public reunion.

The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex reunited last week for the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue on what would have been her 60th birthday. According to a body language expert, Prince Harry's gestures suggested that he wanted to connect with his older sibling.

"When Harry would actually turn his feet to angle towards his brother, his brother didn’t respond by turning towards Harry," body language expert Blanca Cobb told Us Weekly. "He was more stoic. He was less engaging with his brother..."

According to Cobb, Meghan Markle's husband was more relaxed compared to Prince William at the event last Thursday. It was the royal siblings' first engagement after their friendly reunion at their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral in April.

"There was a level of comfort for [Harry]," Cobb continued. "Harry was looking more at William than vice versa. And you could tell also because there were times that Harry would actually walk over to where his brother and somebody else was talking."

Prince William and Prince Harry are involved in a long-running feud. However, many agreed that Princess Diana and Prince Charles' sons didn't show any signs of tension at the unveiling of their mom's statue. In fact, they didn't give separate speeches but a joint statement about the event.

However, royal expert Katie Nicholl, author of "Harry: Life, Loss, and Love," believed that it would take more time before the pair could eventually end their rift. According to Nicholl, Prince William is still bitter and hurting about what Prince Harry and Markle said against the royal family in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

"I think the end game is that it will heal, but it is going to take some time," she said. "The Duke of Cambridge is still very bitter and very hurt by a lot of what Harry and Meghan said in that interview particularly those allegations of racism that were labeled against the royal family."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed that a member of the royal family raised concerns about their son's complexion even before he was born. The unnamed royal reportedly asked how dark Archie's skin color would be, prompting racism allegations against the royal family.

Prince William addressed the issue saying the royal family "is very much not racist." Due to the incident, Nicholl was convinced that it would take more than Prince Philip's funeral and the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue for Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship to completely heal.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre on April 26, 2018, in London. Getty Images/Toby Melville