Prince Harry
Prince Harry regularly visited the Rhino Conservation Center in South Africa. Pictured: Prince Harry looks at the carcass of a rhino which was killed by poachers in Kruger National Park, on the fifth day of an official visit to Africa on Dec. 2, 2015 in Nelspruit, South Africa. Getty Images/Paul Edwards - Pool

Prince Harry once risked his life while interacting with rhinos in Africa.

In her book, “Harry: Life, Loss and Love,” Katie Nicholl detailed the incident, which took place in 2015. At the time, Prince Harry was working with the Rhino Conservation Botswana, where he and his team attempted to track the rhinos and bring them back to Botswana.

Nicholl spoke with Map Ives, a conservationist, about the incident that transpired.

“While the rhino was drugged and sleepy, it had sufficient strength to get to its feet and stagger forward. The rhino dragged Harry and the men around for a bit, and it was hairy because it’s a dangerous animal to work with. There were six guys on the ropes, and they all got dragged a good 20 meters before they managed to stop the rope. We had a ton of half angry rhino throwing itself about, with a rope around its legs, and it was team’s job to try and stop it,” Ives said (via Vanity Fair).

“I told Harry and the boys I got the dust out of their noses and get on with it. My chap ends up on their faces at least once a day. It was bloody funny, actually. Harry went down – they all did – but Harry’s got a hell of a sense of humor,” Ives added.

While he was working at the conservation center, Prince Harry was treated just like everyone else. Ives told Nicholl that despite the job being dangerous for everyone, Prince Harry was very comfortable with his tasks.

There were also times wherein Ives saw Prince Harry walking barefoot, and he also slept under the stars on various occasions. But unlike the other “normal” members of the team, Prince Harry had two protection officers with him at all times.

Meanwhile, Nicholl also talked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship. In her book, she said that the royal couple managed to hide from the paparazzi by staying at their friends’ house instead of at Markle’s home in Toronto.

Ben and Jessica Mulroney knew about the couple’s relationship, and they gladly took them in so that they could spend quality time with each other.