Although a royal wedding could be in the works, not everyone is happy that Prince Harry may marry his girlfriend of more than 13 months, Meghan Markle. Since the two began dating they have received mixed responses from the public and new rumors alleging that the couple plans to elope have not helped their reception with fans of the British royal family.

Prince Harry is reportedly floating around the idea of marriage with Markle and has already suggested how they should go about planning their wedding. A source told Us Weekly that the royal mentioned “that they could get married somewhere private and elope rather than have a showy wedding,” compared to his older brother Prince William’s 2011 wedding to Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

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While insiders believe Prince Harry won’t get down on one knee until this fall, others believe that the royal will propose to the actress during her birthday on Aug. 4. Sources revealed that the engagement would not only take their relationship to the next level, but would also help the royal heal emotionally.

The prince reportedly feels sad during August since his mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a car accident that same month in 1997. “He feels getting engaged will lift that gloom forever because he will be able to associate August with something joyful,” the insider said.

Although the royal’s goal is to live a happy life, some believe his priority is to the royal family. Prince Harry previously revealed that he dreamed of living a life outside of the British throne but he has stayed to take on his royal duties because he enjoys helping others. “I felt I wanted out but then decided to stay in and work out a role,” he stated in a June interview with the U.K.’s Mail.

One report alleging that the royal was willing to step away from his royal duties for Markle didn’t sit too well with fans. “If he’s dumb enough to toss it all away for this manipulator and liar he gets what he deserves. She is no prize privately,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I don’t think the queen would approve of that,” another person tweeted commenting on the rumors of the pair eloping. “Is he seriously going to marry her?” one fan wrote.

Despite the criticism he has received publicly, the royal seems committed to his relationship. “He wants to get married and have kids. He’s smitten,” a source revealed.

While not everyone is thrilled about a potential marriage, some fans are holding out hope for the couple. “I’m rooting for Meghan Markle to marry Prince Harry,” one fan wrote.

Other are confused about why the two haven’t already gotten married. “She’s a knockout. Everyone wants to see her. When is that idiot going to get on with it?” another fan wrote.

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Meanwhile, some fans believe that the actress is a perfect companion for the prince. “#MeghanMarkle is a choice. She doesn’t mind having a public role whereas #duchessofcambridge has no interest in it,” a fan wrote.

No matter when the couple decides to take the next step in their relationship, it looks like Prince Harry and Markle have every intention on planning a life together.

Meghan Markle Meghan Markle has been dating Prince Harry for over a year. The actress is pictured attending P.S. Arts’ The pARTy on May 20, 2016 in Los Angeles. Photo: Getty Images