Prince Philip’s shocking reaction to seeing Prince Charles for the first time has just been revisited.

In the documentary “The Royals,” it was revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh likened little Prince Charles to a plum pudding.

“While the world rejoiced, his father’s reception was rather less jubilant,” the narrator said.

Royal author Philip Dampier also talked about Prince Philip and Prince Charles’ relationship and said that the dad of four was a hard-hearted father.

“He was actually busy playing squash when Prince Charles was born and when he was told, he just went for a quick swim after the game of squash, and rushed upstairs to see his newborn son and just said to the Queen, ‘he looks like a plum pudding,’” Dampier said.

Growing up, Prince Charles was never really close to Prince Philip or his mom Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, the future King’s parents even blamed him for the fallout of his marriage to Princess Diana.

Robert Lacey, a royal biographer, said in the documentary “Princes of the Palace” that it would be a big mistake if the Queen continues to blame Prince Charles for his failed marriage.

“If anything, I believe, that she and her husband Prince Philip put more of the blame on Prince Charles, and Prince Charles of course, as we since discovered, was already committed emotionally to another woman,” he said.

Prince Philip’s reaction to Prince Charles as a newborn baby also made headlines last month. French historian Fabrice D’Almeida talked about Prince Charles’ birth in 1948.

“It was 70 years ago, the 14 November 1948, in Buckingham Palace. The day was rainy, windy, and with some thunders. Princess Elizabeth, after 30 hours of labor, delivers via caesarian. Prince Philip, looking at his son Charles, commented saying ‘he looks like a plum pudding,’” D’Almeida said.

Four years later, Prince Charles received the official title of Duke of Cornwall when the Queen took over the throne following the death of King George VI. At the age of 10, he received the Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester titles.