Prince William is already preparing for Queen Elizabeth II’s death and Prince Charles’ reign.

The Duke of Cambridge will be taking a bigger role when his grandmother dies. According to New Idea, Prince William is already preparing for the Queen’s death.

When Queen Elizabeth II dies, Prince Charles will be taking over the throne. Prince William will become the new Prince of Wales and will be managing the Duchy of Cornwall Estate. Kate Middleton’s husband will also replace the current Prince of Wales as the heir apparent to the British throne.

This year alone, Prince William has attended three meetings about the Duchy of Cornwall. Based on the Court Circular, the father of three has been in special meetings about the estate and his last meeting was on Sept. 12. 

Prince William is reportedly accelerating his preparations and this is expected because his fate as the next king after Prince Charles is sealed.

“In the not-too-distant future we will witness the dawn of a new sovereignty and the newly crowned King Charles III will be flanked by sons who love and respect him,” Arbiter wrote for 9Honey.

“I dare say there’s no-one he would rather be supported by as he prepares to embark on his most challenging role to date.”

Prince William already spoke about the bigger role that awaits him as the next Prince of Wales. He admitted that he lacks the same experience as Prince Charles when it comes to managing the Duchy Cornwall Estate. The royal father of three added that his knowledge about farming is limited, but he has the interest and passion to learn.

Prince William also said that although he doesn’t share Prince Charles’ expertise in farming, he will continue what his father started. He assured the farmers that he will not rock the boat and will “do much the same as what my father’s doing.”

In related news, Prince William and Middleton’s Pakistan tour was considered a huge success. Royal expert Katie Nicholl praised the couple for the way they carried out their engagements. She was also convinced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might receive a congratulatory letter from the Queen.