It appears Prince William and Kate Middleton may pick sides when it comes to divorce. In the April 1 print issue of People Magazine, Britain’s Lady Melissa Percy reveals the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge broke off their relationship with her following her divorce from businessman Thomas van Straubenzee.

After meeting her future husband over 10 years ago, 31-year-old Melissa, who goes by Missy, became a “fixture in royal circles,” the magazine reports. However, following her 2016 split from Straubenzee, she fell out of touch with his “close friend” Prince William and wife, Catherine.

Prince William’s bond with Straubenzee was showcased during his and Melissa’s 2013 wedding at her childhood home of Alnwick Castle. During the event, William acted as an usher alongside his brother, Prince Harry. Despite this closeness, Melissa says it appears the couple sided with Straubenzee in the split.

“Everyone says they don’t pick sides in a divorce but it’s quite hard not to,” she told People. “I knew it was going to be tough, every single person I had met [since they had started dating when she was 21] in England was through him.”

While Melissa may have lost her friendship with William and Kate, she said she is still on “really good terms” with her ex and has Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, whom she referred to as her “best friend in the world,” by her side.

Lady Melissa now calls Remy Trafelet, a hedge fund manager, her boyfriend. The pair has been together for two years and Melissa recently relocated to New York City to be with him. As for business, she is launching an outdoor clothing label Mistamina in the U.S. with plans to add dog coats and other accessories down the line.

“Trying to stay positive and making a conscious effort to think happy thoughts,” Melissa said of her life changes, “that’s when you get good things done.”

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Prince William and Kate Middleton, on the left in Blackpool, north-west England on March 6, 2019, are said to have ditched friend Lady Melissa Percy, seen on her wedding day on June 22, 2013 in Alnwick, England, following her divorce. Peter Byrne/AFP/Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images