In honor of their ninth wedding anniversary, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a photo from the day they devoted themselves to one another. The Wednesday Instagram post earned tons of warm comments from their followers.


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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge captioned the photo:

“[celebration bells and streamers emoji] Nine years ago today – thank you for all your lovely messages on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding anniversary!”

Various followers took the opportunity to congratulate the couple and express their admiration for their lifestyle and work.

“Congrats, I really admire how you handle your responsibilities and manage to raise such down to earth children,” one fan wrote. “Great couple.”

Others reminisced about watching William and Kate’s ceremony on television.

A fan replied, “it’s only right for me to watch the whole 4 hour coverage of their wedding on YouTube today…”

“Happy Anniversary from Canada [Canadian flag]! I will never forget your wedding,” one fan wrote. “We live streamed it in our kindergarten classroom. They students were glued the tv which in turn made our classroom turn into a castle where princess’s and prince’s live!!”

“Wishing a very Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge [red heart],” someone commented from a fan page. “I remember exactly how excited I was on this day 9 years ago, absolutely such a gorgeous wedding full of JOY and LOVE!!! They both looked so beautiful and deeply in love with each other! [twinkling stars emoji]”

Another person recalled: “Happy anniversary! I remember setting my alarm clock for the wee hours of the morning so I could watch HRH walk down the aisle (then going to work very sleepy!)”


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Some fans even brought up William’s brother Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle. However, all of those comments weren’t exactly positive.

“Congrats, shame ur brother’s wife is such a horrible dictator,” one critic chimed.

Another user posed a question: “Am wondering who's beside prince harry? Was that meghan?”

“I am waiting impatiently for the wedding anniversary of Harry and Meghan on May 19th,” someone else wrote. “I have to post in my page of IG, lots of pictures of this great an sicere [sic] couple of future UK Royals.”

As previously reported, in the 2017 ITV documentary, "Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen," Sarah Bradford, Viscount Bangor, discussed Kate’s possible impact on her husband.

"I think that Kate’s influence on William has been very, very important," she began, according to Express. "I think he was quite seriously affected by the bad relationship of his parents and I think that Kate has strengthened him."

"... I think William was more sensitive and more affected by, say, the suffering of his mother. And I think Kate has provided the necessary stability for him.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William during a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace following their marriage at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 in London. Getty Images/Sean Gallup