Prince William
Prince William, photographed at the Child Bereavement Charity's 21st anniversary event on Oct. 15, 2015, delivered a heartwarming speech in which he recalled the pain of losing his mother, Princess Diana. Getty Images

It's been nearly two decades since the death of Princess Diana, but the loss has stuck with Prince William. The eldest of her two children memorialized his mother in a touching speech at the 21st anniversary dinner for Child Bereavement UK Thursday. Diana, 36 at he time of her death, supported the charity during her lifetime and her son has carried on the legacy.

As was reported by E! Online, during his speech William, 33, told attendees how honored he was to support a charity near and dear to his mother's heart, saying he was excited to continue her "commitment to a charity." The father of two touched on the topic of grief during his speech, recalling the feeling he had after Diana's tragic death in 1997. He called grief the most intense emotion a child or parent can experience, adding that his mother made it her mission to help those experiencing that pain and that he planned to do so as well. William said he was incredibly proud of Child Bereavement UK's accomplishments, praising them for the "warmth" and "comfort" they've brought to children and parents during unfortunate times.

"Twenty-one years ago last month, my mother attended the launch of the Child Bereavement Charity. Fifteen years later, I was honored to be invited to become Patron of Child Bereavement UK to continue my mother's commitment to a charity, which is very dear to me," he said. "What my mother recognized back then -- and what I understand now -- is that grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure."

This is hardly the first time William has honored his late mother. After the birth of his second child with wife Kate Middleton in May, it was revealed that the couple had named the infant Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. In July, they christened the princess at the same location William's mother was christened. They also played music from her wedding to Prince Charles during the ceremony.

Princess Diana, along with rumored boyfriend Dodi Fayed, was killed in August 1997. The pair were thought to be attempting to outrun paparazzi in Paris when their car collided with another. The driver of the other vehicle, along with Princess Diana's driver, survived the wreck.