• Prince William and Prince Harry are already on speaking terms
  • Prince William and the rest the royal family felt blindsided after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their exit
  • Prince William wanted to give Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice bigger roles after Prince Harry and Meghan's exit

Prince William and Prince Harry are on speaking terms and on a better footing after the latter’s exit. 

Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were stepping back from their royal roles. Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William were reportedly shocked and surprised by the announcement. They felt blindsided, but contrary to what has been reported, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Prince William and Prince Harry are “talking more and they’re on better footing.”

The same insider said that Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s sons “don’t hate each other as has been reported.” The source insisted that the two are already on speaking terms. Also, the Cambridges and Sussexes’ split last year was to be expected because the future king was meant to have a separate household to prepare him for the throne.

“The separate households that were created improved the relationship so they weren’t having to talk about business,” the source explained. “The brothers have different futures with very important institutional roles and that created a complicated relationship. Once the households separated, things improved.”

The insider added that the members of the royal family were disappointed when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose not to be senior royal members anymore. However, they wanted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to be happy, so they decided to support them.

“William has always expressed concern for Harry. Since they were children, William has always watched out for his younger brother,” the source said.

Prince Harry and Prince William denied the rumors about them having a falling out. A second source also said that leaving the royal family wasn’t easy for Prince Harry because “he loves his family.”

Meanwhile, following Prince Harry and Markle’s exit, Prince William would like to give his cousins Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice bigger roles in the monarchy. Kate Middleton was reportedly delighted after learning about her husband’s plans.

However, the public might not support Prince William’s decision. Earlier this year, Express did a survey regarding the matter and the majority believed that the York princesses should not pick up more duties. But many also wanted to see Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice doing more royal engagements.