Princes William, Harry, Princess Diana
Pictured: Princes William, Harry, Princess Diana applaud during the Wales vs France Five Nations Cup match at Cardiff Arms Park on February 1, 1992. Getty Images/Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP

Princess Diana and Prince William had a reversed relationship.

The late Princess of Wales was a hands-on mom to her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry. However, there were times when it’s the Duke of Cambridge who looked after and comforted his mom.

In the documentary “Prince William at Thirty,” Katie Nicholl recalled an incident when Prince William pushed tissue under the door of Princess Diana’s bathroom because she was crying. Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond confirmed Princess Diana and Prince William’s relationship was “reversed.”

Bond shared how Prince William would tell Princess Diana, “It’ll be alright mummy, it’ll be alright, I’ll look after you.”

“It was all the wrong way round for William,” she added.

“He was having to comfort his mother when she should have been looking after him – he was just a little boy.”

Princess Diana’s protection officer Ken Wharfe also observed the same setup.

“Diana did put a lot of responsibility on William’s shoulders as someone to comfort and to talk to and to be with,” Wharfe explained.

Princess Diana was very close to her two sons with Prince Charles. However, there was also a time when she disappointed Prince William.

The People’s Princess rocked the palace when her “Panorama” interview with Martin Bashir was aired. According to Nicholl, Prince William didn’t like it. For the Duke of Cambridge, playing out one’s troubles and wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve to bring humiliation onto the royal family was a big no-no. So, he refused to speak to his mother after the incident, which was “absolutely devastating” for Princess Diana.

Royal press spokesman Dickie Arbiter also didn’t approve of Princess Diana’s move. For him, Princess Diana’s interview was the “stupidest thing she has ever done.”

Meanwhile, Penny Junor felt that the interview was Princess Diana’s way to “publicly execute” the heir apparent. She commended the princess “superb performance” and added that it was worthy of an Oscar.

Meanwhile, the netizens discussed why Prince William felt that way. Many believed that the prince’s reaction was normal for his age. He was probably embarrassed and furious because Princess Diana didn’t just speak about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ affair, she also confirmed her relationship with other men.