Prince William will become a great king once he takes over the throne from Prince Charles.

Gary Marwick, one of UK’s leading palm readers, made the claim after studying a photo of the Duke of Cambridge’s hand.

“Prince William has a practical outlook on life. As a member of the Royal Family, he will spend much time on his duties. Routine will always play an important role and take precedence over everything he does,” he told Express.

Marwick also said that Prince William takes after the late Princess Diana, and this can make him a great king one day.

“William takes after his mother, he is a caring person for his family and others. Family life will always be important to him. He is well balanced with his emotions although sometimes he may be a little impatient with certain things, in general, William has an even temperament,” he said.

But despite having an even temperament, Marwick said that Prince William can be a worrier at times.

“William likes to do his own thing, regardless of what others might suggest to him and he can be a little stubborn at times. It is possible that he thinks a little too much at times, and maybe a bit of a worrier. Thinking is fine, as long as the thoughts are constructive, otherwise dwelling on them for too long may create pressure on an emotional level,” he said.

The palm-reading expert also talked about one of Prince William’s many assets, and it is his ability to be creative.

“His palm reading shows that he has a creative imagination that is not always revealed. For William, this creative imagination will always be good for him to use in any way that he can to relieve stress. He could do this by doing the things in life that he enjoys, especially on a creative level, or through his charity work,” he said.

Prince William
Prince William will become a great king one day based on his palm reading. Pictured: Prince William arrives at Basildon Sporting Village on October 30, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Tim P. Whitby