LA Reid Prince death
L.A. Reid says Prince’s death is “really mysterious” to him. Pictured: Reid at the ASCAP Rhythm And Soul 3rd Annual Atlanta Legends Dinner in Atlanta, Sept. 25, 2014. Getty Images

Prince fans around the world are wondering what led to the artist's shocking and untimely death at his Minnesota home on Thursday. The singer was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota. He was 57. So far, a cause of death has not been revealed, which has led to a ton of rumors and conspiracy theories.

On Friday, Prince’s longtime friend L.A. Reid appeared on the “Today” show to talk about the “Purple Rain” singer’s death, saying he thinks it's “really mysterious.”

“The thing that really bothers me about it is the Prince I know was, like, super healthy,” Reid said during an appearance on the ABC morning show. “He lived right, and he was clean. He looked young, he looked really healthy and vibrant. So the whole thing is really mysterious to me.”

The music producer said he’s still in “shock” over Prince's death and spent Thursday listening to some of the singer’s songs. “For whatever reason, it sounded even better,” he said. “What a great guy … I’ve always said it, the greatest everything — playing, writing, composing, fashion, everything. [He had] the masculinity of Teddy Pendergrass, but he could take your girl [while he was] wearing high heels.”

While Reid said he believes Prince was healthy at the time of his death, the singer’s former keyboard player Matt Fink told Radar Online that Prince had allegedly been struggling with some health problems for years. “I don’t know what’s happened, but the only thing I could think of is that he was more ill with something than he was letting on,” he said.

Fink also said he doesn’t think Prince’s death had anything to do with the flu — reports claim his plane made an emergency landing last week and he went to a hospital because he was sick with the flu — and isn’t sure if the pop icon was suffering from epilepsy, like other rumors stated.

“He never discussed it,” Fink said about whether Prince had epilepsy. “He brought that up much later, after the band. He told me he had a heart murmur as well.”

According to CNN, an autopsy to determine Prince’s cause of death was started Friday morning at the Midwest Medical Examiner’s office in Ramsey, Minnesota. It could be days or weeks before any information is released.