Princess Diana and Princess Anne were captured laughing together and having a blast in a rare, adorable photo.

The Princess of Wales and Princess Royal weren’t close. However, they appeared very friendly in a throwback photo shared on Instagram.

In the snap, Princess Diana can be seen wearing a polka dot dress with matching hat. She smiles with her mouth wide open and seems to be enjoying the conversation with her companion.

Princess Anne shares the same joy and is also smiling while looking at her sister-in-law. Princess Anne is stunning in her dark dress with white outline and gold buttons. She also wears a white hat, a pair of earrings and a choker.

The photo was taken during Epsom Derby in England in 1986. Royal fans who saw the picture loved it because they rarely see Princess Anne smiling.

“How nice to see the Princess Royal laughing with Princess Di - we don’t see her laughing very often,” one royal fan wrote.

“I loved this picture,” another netizen wrote.

Many said that the photo was beautiful. A different online user also complimented the two royals writing “great smiles.”

However, another netizen said that Princess Anne never liked Princess Diana. This isn’t surprising as Princess Anne is also not close to Princess Diana’s ex-husband Prince Charles. In fact, the royal siblings have a “combustible relationship” and they “fought like cats and dogs.”

During Prince Harry’s baptism, there were claims that Princess Anne snubbed the event by not attending the celebration. The Queen’s only daughter was reportedly furious because Prince Charles and Princess Diana overlooked her as Prince Harry’s godmother.

Princess Anne already addressed the controversy and denied the snubbing incident. According to her, she was not available on Prince Harry’s christening because she already set a date with her husband.

“Usually, it is not worth saying anything because the fact that it was just a story in the first place, you know they will take anything you say and it will come out on their side,” Princess Anne said about the alleged snubbing. “Yes, it was a great shame that we missed the christening. But I was only given the choice of one day. As far as we were concerned, it was a date my husband had fixed and he was away in Australia when all this came up.”

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Britain's Princess of Wales arrives at her London health club. Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images)