Princess Anne spoke about the alleged snub she did to Princess Diana and Prince Charles during Prince Harry’s wedding.

Many claimed that the Princess Royal snubbed the Prince and Princess of Wales when she did not attend the Duke of Sussex’s christening. She was reportedly furious because Prince Harry’s parents overlooked her as a godmother again.

Princess Anne spoke out about the controversy and she denied the alleged snubbing incident. Princess Anne addressed the issue during her Australia tour a year later when she was asked about the snub rumors.

“Usually, it is not worth saying anything because the fact that it was just a story in the first place, you know they will take anything you say and it will come out on their side,” Princess Anne said.

When pressed further about the issue, the royal explained her side.

“Yes, it was a great shame that we missed the christening. But I was only given the choice of one day. As far as we were concerned, it was a date my husband had fixed and he was away in Australia when all this came up,” Princess Anne said.

Prince Charles’ sister added that it was one of those rare occasions when they actually made a plan a long way in advance. She felt that they couldn’t put it off.

“We had received a lot of hospitality from people over the years and this was really one move. We are paying them. We felt we couldn’t really put it off.”

Princess Anne and Prince Charles weren’t close growing up. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II struggled with how the Princess royal bullied the future king. There was a time when Her Majesty shouted at them and asked them, “Why can’t you behave yourselves?” after seeing Prince Charles cry due to Princess Anne’s bullying.

Princess Anne later admitted that she and Prince Charles “fought like cats and dogs.” The royal siblings share a “combustible relationship.”

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured attending a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982 at Westminster Abbey, London. Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images