Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne
Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne attend the annual Braemar Highland Gathering on Sept. 1, 2018 in Braemar, Scotland. Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell

Princess Anne reportedly receives more favors from Queen Elizabeth II compared to Prince Charles and Prince William, according to some royal fans.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fan Frances Evans described Princess Anne as an interesting fixture in the royal family because she’s one of the Queen’s most trusted family members.

As one of the hardest-working royals, Princess Anne allegedly gets to enjoy some perks that are similar to Prince Charles and Prince William, which the two men receive due to their status.

“She’s not without fault, however. She can be rude, blunt, and prickly without provocation. Conversing with her is quite hit or miss, but she’s got a great sense of humor to make up for it,” he wrote.

Sue McCune, a former teacher, said that it seems the Queen gives Princess Anne the special treatment in a sense because of their unique relationship with each other. Her Majesty has a laidback relationship with Princess Anne and the same cannot be said about her relationship with Prince Charles.

When the Queen is with Princess Anne, her shoulders and neck seem more relaxed. She also smiles more. But when the Queen is with Prince Charles, she tends to be more formal with her head erect and shoulders square.

Melissa Marshall also noted the fact that Princess Anne is her father’s favorite child because they are similar in a lot of ways. But Marshall is convinced that the Queen gives Prince Charles and Prince William more attention than any other member of the royal family due to their important roles.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Prince Charles had always been jealous of the Queen’s favorite child and it’s not Prince Andrew. In the documentary “The Royal Family at War,” it was revealed that the huge age gap between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew caused great tension and sparked long-last rifts.

The Queen was also more present in the lives of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward that’s why Prince Charles was jealous of his younger siblings.