Royal watchers and fans were given a treat when Kensington Palace unveiled the latest set of photos that featured the one-year old Princess Charlotte on Sunday, May 1. The latest pictures have also showed striking facial features that both Princess Charlotte and Prince George share.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children might nearly be mistaken for twins if they were the same age, as well as shared the same hair and eye colors. A report posted on E!News has highlighted the physical similarities between the royal brother and sister. Prince George may be several years older than baby sister Princess Charlotte, however, his pictures when he was still a one-year old showed how much the two royal siblings resemble each other.

A side-by-side photo comparison posted on the said report featured the one year old Princess Charlotte, as well as her brother Prince George at the same age. At first glance, royal watchers may notice that both royal children share the same cute chubby cheeks. The shape of Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s mouths are also the same, as well as their noses and wide eyes.

However, the two have different eye and hair colors that show a perfect mix of Prince William and wife Kate Middleton’s genes. Prince George has light blond hair similar to his father Prince William and the royal toddler’s late grandmother Princess Diana. On the other hand, Princess Charlotte has dark colored hair that she inherited from her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George’s eyes are also brown-colored, while his sister Princess Charlotte has blue eyes.

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace unveiled the royal tot’s four new photos on Twitter in a series of messages. The pictures were taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself. One photo featured a close-up shot of Princess Charlotte, while the other three showed the royal princess’ cute antics at Anmer Hall.

The royal tot, who turned one-year old on Monday, has been photographed wearing classic children’s clothing such as pink or light colored cardigans, as well as flower-printed dresses. Chrissy Diaz has indicated that Kate may have opted to choose a repetition of classic pieces for her daughter, to avoid Princess Charlotte from “becoming the focus of the fashion world,” Mirror reported. Diaz chronicles the two royal siblings’ various fashion pieces on the website

She also stated that the royal baby’s fashion pieces may have brought out a “sense of tradition” to children’s fashion wear. “There’s a decision to remain fresh,” Diaz added, referring to Princess Charlotte’s recent ensembles.