Princess Diana reportedly considered moving to Pakistan to live with Hasnat Khan. She is pictured during a visit to Sydney, Australia on Nov. 1, 1996. Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images

It’s known she had moved on from her marriage to Prince Charles before her death in 1997. However, Princess Diana reportedly almost opted to move to Pakistan in order to marry the man of her dreams, Hasnat Khan.

In a 2013 article for Vanity Fair titled “The Grandmother Prince George Never Knew,” Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of Hasnat Khan’s cousin Imran, revealed that when Princess Diana dated Hasnat, a doctor, she was so in love that she had considered moving to Pakistan to be with him at one point.

“Diana was madly in love with Hasnat Khan and wanted to marry him, even if that meant living in Pakistan, and that’s one of the reasons why we became friends,” she told writer Sarah Ellison at the time. “She wanted to know how hard it had been for me to adapt to life in Pakistan.”

“She also went to meet his family secretly to discuss the possibility of marriage to Hasnat,” she added.

Ellison later wrote that Khan’s mother never gave approval for the two to marry, which led to the relationship ending. Princess Diana went on to date Dodi Al Fayed, with whom she died in a Paris car crash in 1997.

It was reported earlier that Diana had “dreamed” of a life with Khan, but that their relationship came to an end because she couldn’t leave her life in England, and since she didn’t move to Pakistan, the pair called it quits.