Princess Diana was crucified more than any member of the royal family, claimed a radio caller.

The statement came after the caller compared the treatment that Meghan Markle has been receiving from the press and her critics. Robert, the caller, said that Markle has not been receiving different treatment from everyone else.

“Do you remember Diana must have been crucified more than any other person in history,” he said.

But the host of the radio show said that the royal historian that was there just minutes before he called already said that nobody else had suffered the level of abuse that Markle is currently facing. Robert said that he didn’t think this was true.

“I think they have got a very privileged lifestyle, all of them, they are all wealthy. I’m a working-class normal guy and from where I am sitting I am not shedding any tears for how anyone is feeling in the royal family,” the caller said.

He went on to say that Markle should have been aware that joining the royal family is like joining a business so it is guaranteed that there are going to be problems. However, he said that he didn’t think Markle did anything wrong.

The radio caller’s comments did not sit well with the radio host. The host said that Markle is pregnant and has not done anything wrong but her character is constantly being questioned in the press on a daily basis.

She went on to say that even Prince Harry released a letter to the press years ago asking them to stop with the tone of their coverage about his then-girlfriend. The radio host said that she cannot agree with Robert because even Prince Harry is aware of the negative treatment Markle has been receiving.

The radio spat between the host and the caller came just days after Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle Sr., released the handwritten letters sent to him by the Duchess of Sussex to Daily Mail.