Princess Diana and Doria Ragland are expected to influence their grandchild in a number of different ways.

Imogen Lloyd Webber, a royal contributor, recently told ABC News that Meghan Markle should look beyond the example set by her late mother-in-law if ever she has doubts about becoming a new mom.

But even though Princess Diana has been dead for the past two decades, Webber said that she will still take front and center in the life of Baby Sussex. One of the Princess of Wales’ standout parenting techniques had to do with her desire to raise Prince William and Prince Harry as normal as possible despite their status.

During an interview with BBC in 1995, Princess Diana revealed how she hopes to raise her sons.

“I want them to have an understanding of people’s emotions, people’s insecurities, people’s distress, and people’s hopes and dreams. And they have knowledge – they may never use it – but the seed is there, and I hope it will grow because knowledge is power,” she said.

Three years ago, Prince Harry told ABC News that he has been working hard to ensure that Princess Diana’s spirit will be kept alive within the royal family.

“I hope she’s looking down, you know, with tears in her eyes, being incredibly proud of what we’ve established. I hope that everything we do privately and officially… that it makes her proud,” Prince Harry said.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex’s mom, Ragland, will also play a crucial role in the life of her first grandchild. In the coming days, the professional yoga instructor will fly to London to witness the birth of the royal family.

Webber said that there would absolutely be room for “Granny Doria” to come and visit. In the past, Ragland was seen attending baby care classes even before Markle’s pregnancy was announced by Kensington Palace.

This suggests that she is taking her new role as a grandmother seriously and will be hands-on whenever necessary.