Princess Diana knew that she won’t be queen.

In an unearthed footage of “Diana: In Her Own Words,” the late Princess of Wales confessed how she doubted her relationship with Prince Charles even before Camilla Parker Bowles came into the fold. Princess Diana recalled how the Prince of Wales proposed to her thinking that it was a joke.

She realized that Prince Charles was dead serious when he asked her: “Do you realize one day you will be Queen.”

“A voice said to me inside, ‘you won’t be queen but you’ll have a tough role’,” Princess Diana confessed.

Also, psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison revealed that Princess Diana has spoken with them again. They revealed that she had already forgiven Prince Charles and Camilla and added that she no longer holds any grudges against them as she now understands that it’s fate that brought them together.

The People’s Princess also pointed out the changes Camilla had since their rivalry started years ago. She praised the Duchess of Cornwall for being a great support to the future king and gave her approval to Camilla as the next queen.

“I was not meant to be Queen, and honestly, Camilla is better suited for the role than was I,” Princess Diana told the twins.

Princess Diana and Camilla started out as friends before they became rivals because of Prince Charles. The Prince and Princess of Wales would often visit Camilla and her then husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, at their home in Bolehyde Manor in Wiltshire. Both enjoyed each other’s company, Princess Diana would even help Camilla look after her kids, Tom and Laura.

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their engagement, Camilla invited the latter over for lunch and it was at the time that the People’s Princess realized that their meeting was not innocent. She became distrustful of Camilla when she learned that she and Prince Charles used to date and since then things changed between them.

Prince Charles and Camilla had a hard time winning the people after Princess Diana announced in her interview that “there were three of us in this marriage” implying about the future king’s affair. However, the public has slowly warmed up to the couple due to their enduring love.

Prince Charles and Camilla celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. The couple had a royal civil wedding in England in 2005.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982.  Getty Images/Hulton Archive