Princess Diana reportedly lost her confidence and became more insecure with herself after a photo of her wearing a see-through skirt made headlines.

Decades ago, the Princess of Wales wasn’t regarded as a fashion icon. She didn’t have any idea what types of clothes that suited her, and she didn’t know which stores to buy them from.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl previously described the mom of two as a demure woman, who wasn’t very fashionable.

“So much so that, that very first picture of Diana that was taken of her, holding a child outside the nursery she was photographed in a completely see-through skirt. Much to her horror… That was how naive, I suppose Diana was when it came to her fashion choices,” she said.

But after she got engaged to Prince Charles in 1981, Princess Diana was forced to step up her game when it came to fashion. Before announcing her engagement to Prince Charles, Princess Diana went around looking for the perfect outfit, and this is how she came across David Sassoon.

Princess Diana, came to our shop one evening, about five o’clock and she was met by a rather intimidating [assistant], who asked her what she was looking for and Diana being a 19-year-old young girl wasn’t quite sure what she wanted. The [assistant] suggested it might be a good idea if she went to Harrods,” Sassoon said.

Upon hearing what their staff told the 19-year-old girl, they were shocked and horrified. The staff didn’t realize that she was talking to Princess Diana, the future wife of Prince Charles. And unfortunately for Sassoon, Princess Diana indeed wore a piece from Harrods during her engagement announcement.

But according to royal expert Ingrid Seward, Princess Diana actually hated the attire that she wore on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. And Eve Pollard, the former editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, said that Princess Diana vowed to never look the same way after that.

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Britain's Princess of Wales arrives at her London health club. Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images)