Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Princess Diana nearly called off her royal wedding to Prince Charles after feeling cut off and isolated. Pictured: Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982. Getty Images/Fox Photos

Princess Diana reportedly nearly called off her wedding to Prince Charles.

The late Princess of Wales had second thoughts about her marriage to the future king. Royal expert Katie Nicholl claimed in her book, "The Making of a Royal Romance," that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had different expectations about their royal marriage. The former apparently felt "cut off" and "isolated" that she began having doubts about tying the knot with Prince Charles.

"While those around her put her doubts and anxieties down to pre-wedding nerves, it was apparent from the start that Diana and Charles had entered into the marriage with polarised expectations," Nicholl wrote (as quoted by Express).

Princess Diana reportedly had more romantic expectations of what it would be to like to married to the heir. Nicholl is not alone in her observations because Penny Junor had the same opinion.

In the royal documentary "Princess Of The Palace," writer and broadcaster Penny Junor explained how Prince William and Prince Harry's mom "lived n a romantic world" which clouded her judgment of the realities of marrying the royal family. Princess Diana was reportedly under the impression that her royal life would be "something out of a romantic novel."

Princess Diana and Prince Charles failed to keep their marriage as they ended up in divorce. However, according to body language expert, the couple were already showing signs of anticipation of a failed marriage on their wedding day.

According to Judi James, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's actions on their big day could easily be mistaken as "signs of shyness and nerves prompted by love" but it's not. She pointed out that Prince Charles "steeped brows" as he waited for his bridge suggested that he was doing it for "duty" and he looked "like one quiet suffering."

On the other hand, Dr. Peter Collett, another body language expert, noticed that something was already off during Prince Charles and Princess Diana's engagement announcement. "When Prince Charles and Diana announced their engagement there were already signs that all was not well," he said.

"We can see that they together, but they are not in step and Charles is not adapting his behaviour to include Diana," he explained. "In fact, if we apply the cut-out principle, and remove Diana from the scene, it does not look like anyone is missing."