Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Princess Diana did more damage to the royal family since King Edward VIII's abdication. Pictured: Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey, London, for a centenary service for the Royal College Of Music on Feb. 28, 1982. Getty Images/Fox Photos

Princess Diana may have caused more damage to the British royal family than people thought.

The Prince and late Princess of Wales tied the knot in a fairytale wedding, but their romance ended in a nightmare. And Princess Diana apparently caused a shakeup within the Firm once more after Andrew Morton released her biography.

"When Andrew Morton’s book came out, there was a national scandal," royal biographer Christopher Wilson said (as quoted by Express). "[Diana] was to blame for it and she did more damage to the British royal family than anything since the abdication."

In Netflix's documentary "The Royals," Stephen Armstrong of The Sunday Times shared how Princess Diana impacted the royal family. "Diana's media power rose up and up," he said. "The royal family realised that they’d got [Charles] married to the wrong person and this was all a complete disaster. There were no forces within the royal family trying to keep the marriage together anymore."

Princess Diana previously revealed why her marriage with Prince Charles hit rock bottom. According to her, "there were three of us in this marriage," referencing to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' affair.

According to body language expert Judi James, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were already showing signs of a failed marriage even on their wedding day. Their actions were apparently easy to perceive as "signs of shyness and nerves prompted by love," but it was actually not.

"It is easy to look at the body language signals of Charles and Diana on their wedding day and see, via the filter of retrospective knowledge, the signs of the marriage shambles that was to come," James explained. "We thought this crusty bachelor – who had waited so long before finding his bride – and the young, shy nursery girl he had chosen were deeply in love and in it for life."

James pointed out that Prince Charles' "steepled brows" while waiting for his bride indicated an expression of "duty" and the Prince of Wales looked "like one of quiet suffering."

Prince Charles and Camilla rekindled their romance and got married years after Princess Diana's death. They reportedly had a hard time winning Queen Elizabeth II and the public's sympathy.

However, just recently, the Queen recognized the Duchess of Cornwall in her speech during Prince Charles' 70th birthday celebration. This has caused many to believe that Camilla has finally gotten the royals' seal of approval.