Netizens felt that Princess Diana wore the Chitlari cap better than her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kicked off their Pakistan tour on Monday. On their third day, the couple was photographed sporting a Chitrali cap similar to what Princess Diana wore when she also visited the country.

Royal fans immediately compared how Prince William’s mom and wife donned the headpiece. Many felt that the Princess of Wales rocked it better than Middleton.

“Nice. And Diana wore it better. #RoyalVisitPakistan,” one netizen commented.

“I ll choose Diana anyday,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile, many also believe that the comparison was unnecessary since the cap is a traditional headpiece and it looks the same regardless of the person wearing it.

“This is a traditional attire that was given to her upon arrival, just like it was given to her mother in law, and anyone else, it’s not a fashion piece hater, it stays same for everyone!” one online fan wrote.

Middleton was expected to channel Princess Diana during the tour because the late People’s Princess had visited the country when she was alive. Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, already said that the duchess was expected to wear a scarf especially when she visits a mosque.

The Duchess of Cambridge did not disappoint royal fans when upon arrival she donned a blue ombre outfit which was reminiscent of Princess Diana’s wardrobe. However, the duchess’ outfit became a topic of debate since reports said that she was wearing a shalwar kameez, but some netizens claimed that it was not a shalwar kameez but a pair of cigarette pants.

Prince William and Middleton were reportedly snubbed during their royal tour. The couple attended an evening reception and saw six ministers walking out from the event.

According to Johnny Dymond, those who walked out were annoyed at their place in the gathering. Despite what happened, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a statement saying that they “were delighted to meet a range of people from across Paksitani society.”

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton
Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Reuters