Sarah Ferguson showed her vulnerability on social media.

On Tuesday, the Duchess of York shared a photo of Brené Brown's "The Power of Vulnerability Teaching on Authenticity, Connection & Courage" book on Instagram. "@brenebrown a good book about the truth of ourselves #audiobooks #books," she wrote in the caption.

Ferguson's fans showed their approval for the Duchess' choice of reading material as a number of her followers also read and loved the book.

"It's one of my favourites!" one user wrote.

"Love Brene Brown," another follower wrote.

"A brilliant book," arabellaarkwright commented.

Meanwhile, some of Ferguson's fans also praised her for her works and achievements.

"Your page is Really nice! You definitely look like someone I want to collab with! Reach out through DM and lets chat!" alyssareyes wrote.

"And you've achieved all these @sarahferguson15 Authenticity Connection Courage xx," heathersmile24 commented.

Ferguson previously opened up about her own vulnerability following the end of her marriage with Prince Andrew. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar in 2007, she said that she had been at a "very difficult" time in her life after they split, Express reported.

"Being blamed for the failure of the monarchy, living through 15 years of terrible press, was very difficult," she confessed. "To this day, I take everything very personally."

Ferguson and the Duke of York have reportedly maintained a good relationship after their divorce. They apparently still share a home, and she remains supportive of the royal's projects.

"I'm in and out all the time and he's in and out all the time," Ferguson said about sharing a home with the prince. "No we're not married - we are very happy the way things are. He is the finest man in my life - he is a nugget of goodness. I threw myself into a love affair for life."

Ferguson showed her support for her ex by promoting Prince Andrew's Pitch@Palace event on social media. She was also very proud of the Duke's new title, the Colonel of the Grenadier Guards.

When Prince Andrew was formally appointed to the role, Ferguson took to Twitter to share a snap of her ex-husband. "So proud of the new Colonel of The Grenadier Guards @TheDukeOfYork," she wrote in the caption.

In related news, while some think that Ferguson and Prince Harry's fiancée Meghan Markle share some similarities, a body language expert says that they are "polar opposites" of each other. According to Judi James, the "Suits" star is confident with her looks while Ferguson is not.

"Sarah is lacking self-confidence and even self-esteem, especially when it comes to her looks," James said.