Princess Margaret is believed to have given up on love and her relationship with Peter Townsend in favor of her royal title and duties. However, this isn’t entirely the case.

During a previous interview, the late royal's biographer Christopher Warwick, said that Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister’s love for Townsend was no longer strong enough for her to fight for their relationship.

Warwick also discussed the letter that Princess Margaret wrote to former Prime Minister Anthony Eden. In the letter, the late royal said that she would have to see Townsend for a brief period of time so that she could decide if she will push through with their wedding or not.

“This letter rewrites history because here you’ve got a very determined and confident young woman in control of the situation, telling the Prime Minister that she has not decided and is wavering, which is at odds with what the public was led to believe and certainly with what she told me. The perception was that she gave up the love of her life for duty and protocol, but this letter sets a question mark over that… It shows that the love, conceivably, was not as strong as it was, to begin with,” he said.

Warwick went on to say that Princess Margaret only wanted the former prime minister to know that she was having doubts because her relationship with Townsend has become so controversial. As such, some people also expected that she would choose love over her royal duties and responsibilities, but she didn’t.

One year after Townsend tied the knot with Marie-Luce Jamagne, Princess Margaret wed Antony Armstrong-Jones. However, their marriage was short-lived. Armstrong-Jones was known as a playboy, and he had multiple affairs, wives, and children.

Princess Margaret passed away in 2002 following a heart attack. She is survived by her two children, Lady Sarah Chatto, and David Armstrong-Jones.

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II
Pictured: Princess Margaret, the Queen play with their pet chameleon July 8, 1941 on the grounds of Windsor Castle, Berkshire. Getty Images