Prison Break
Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are willing to return to "Prison Break." Pictured: the actors attend the Getty Images Portrait Studio at San Diego Comic-Con on July 11. Getty

If Fox’s “Prison Break” reunion happens, it will have plenty of familiar faces in the cast. Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies and Dominic Purcell all have new shows to work on, but they’re willing to take a hiatus for a “Prison Break” limited series.

Miller himself first broke news of a possible reunion in January. “We actually floated the idea to Fox very casually and they seemed very not casual about this interest,” Miller told E! News. “They seemed to think there was something there.”

Even though he and Purcell are busy filming the CW’s newest superhero drama, “Legends of Tomorrow,” he believes it could fit into their schedule. “[‘Legends of Tomorrow’] is the priority … but at some point, if ‘Prison Break’ does come together in some way shape or form, assuming Michael is still alive, that’s in the offing, yeah,” Miller told TV Line at San Diego Comic-Con.

“Prison Break” ran on Fox from 2005-2009 and followed Michael (Miller) as he went tried to break his brother Lincoln (Purcell) out of prison. Along the way, Michael fell in love with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), a doctor at the prison. However, the series ended with Michael’s death.

How would audiences be able to see Miller's character in the “Prison Break” reunion? Purcell isn’t worried about it. “The thing that I’ve heard is completely brilliant, so people will be fine,” Purcell explained.

The new series might reunite Michael with Sara. Callies told Digital Spy that an important producer contacted her and told her she’d been getting a call in a couple of months. “If they’re going back and the scripts are good, maybe we’ve got more story to tell,” she said.

However, it isn’t just the men’s “Legends of Tomorrow” schedule that has to be worked around. Callies is on USA’s new drama “Colony,” but she might be able to fit “Prison Break” in since the shows share an executive producer, Dawn Parouse Olmstead. “If there’s anybody who has incentive to let me sneak off of set for a little bit and cross over to another lot,” she told TV Line, “it would be Dawn.”

While it looks like the main actors are ready to sign on, it’s important to note that the “Prison Break” limited series has not been ordered yet. It is being pitched to Fox, but the actors can’t sign on until anything is official. Yet, with the success of “24: Live Another Day” and the hype surrounding “The X-Files” reunion series, it seems like this is a good time to bring back the beloved drama.

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