• Ezra Greig, 26, allegedly beat his inmate, John Rogers, because the latter was snoring
  • Rogers suffered several injuries and received two black eyes due to the assault
  • Rogers, however, did not support the prosecution against Greig

A 26-year-old inmate at a U.K. prison attacked his cellmate and left him bruised late last year because the latter was snoring.

Ezra Greig allegedly “battered” his fellow HMP Swansea prison inmate, identified as John Rogers, with a kettle before punching him repeatedly in the face on Sept. 24 last year, the WalesOnline reported.

Prison officers on duty during the time of the attack allegedly checked on the two men after they heard noises coming from their cell and saw the Buckinghamshire resident beating Rogers with a plastic kettle and repeatedly punching him.

Backup was called in and officers entered the cell, which prompted Greig to drop the remnants of the kettle and raise his hands, according to the report.

Rogers — who had just moved in to Greig's cell that evening — reportedly suffered a bloody head, cuts to his face and neck and received two black eyes as a result of the assault.

Greig claimed the attack was caused by Rogers' noisy breathing, as per the Swansea Crown Court.

"Yeah, because he was f-----g snoring," Greig answered when asked by prosecutor Ashanti-Jade Walton if he had assaulted his cellmate.

Rogers reportedly refused to make a statement to the police. Additionally, he did not support Greig's prosecution despite the beating he received.

Greig was being held on remand in prison at the time of the attack, according to the report. He was allegedly arrested two days prior to the incident in a police raid on a house in Manselton, where he was one of three men who barricaded themselves into a bathroom and tried to flush drugs down a toilet as officers forced entry into the property.

A day before he allegedly assaulted Rogers, Greig reportedly attacked two police officers who were interviewing him about drug matters.

The 26-year-old kicked at the plastic screen separating him from the officers and caused it to break and injure a constable and detective constable, the court was told. He then allegedly punched one of the officers in the face before he was punched in the ribs by the other officer who tried to restrain him.

Greig reportedly pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, adding to his previous 36 offences including possession of heroin and cocaine with intent to supply, assaulting an emergency worker, affray, possession of an imitation firearm and five counts of battery.

He is currently serving a 67-month sentence for the drug matters and the assault on the officers.

Representation. Ezra Greig, 26, allegedly beat his fellow inmate due to the latter's snoring. Pixabay