You can now travel by a private jet even if you are yet to own one, courtesy British Airways. The airline has launched a new offer for its elite members. The PrivateConnect service from the British Airways allows the executive class traveler to complete the journey seamlessly by using the services from British Airways and CitationAir in North America and the Caribbean.

The best bit about this service is that the traveler does not really have to register but can use it on pay per use basis. You don't need to sign any contract, the tariff is calculated on the based on rate per hour. If one has flown the airline for 12 months or is a member of its Executive Club then the person is eligible for the PrivateConnect service.

It offers many exclusive services that make the journey easy and quick. So once you land in the U.S., a driver greets you at the luggage claim area and escorts you to the car and you are directly taken to the CitationAir private jet. In flight, you can try out the complimentary snacks or you can order a meal if you so like. The crew and pilot on board the jet will ensure that the travel is smooth. In fact they will also ensure upon request to organize transportation to take you to your final destination.