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Amanda Valentine was surprised that there would be an unconventional challenge and a team challenge so early on in Season 13. Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

“Project Runway” Season 13 episode 2 jumped right into a crazy challenge this week. Contestants had to follow a movie theme to compete for a prize package worth over $300,000. However not everyone works well when they’re assigned to teams. Find out who cried, who begged to stay and who Nina Garcia yelled at:

The Challenge: The contestants have to incorporate the movie watching experience into fashion designs, and it’s an unconventional challenge. They can’t use normal fabrics, and they have to choose movie-inspired items to bring their designs to life. The contestants can only leave the theatre with what they can physically carry. Potential materials include props, filmstrips, scripts, wires, film reels and even concessions. Each designer in the group has to make a dress but all three must be cohesive and function as a mini collection. One team will win and one will lose. However, only one person can have immunity next week and just one person will be sent home.

The Drama: Hernan, Carrie and Sandhya can't get along. The team really can’t agree on a design, and Carrie and Hernan feel that Sandhya isn’t making an effort to work with them. Though she is safe, she still doesn’t want to make something that doesn’t follow her vision. Tim says that their designs lack cohesion. Sandhya eventually gives in and follows what they’re doing with filmstrips.

Amanda, Christine and Korina are lucky enough to get along. Amanda gives her team advice based on what she experienced in Season 11. She wants them to create their own textiles which is time consuming. When the models come in for first fittings, their models are mostly naked.

Angela clashes with teammates Fade and Sean because she doesn’t want to go with their villain idea. Angela’s dress doesn’t fit the model and Tim notes that her dress doesn’t go with the other two. She refuses to change her design, but she also doesn’t feel good about what she is making.

“Angela, I feel like her confidence is really low. I mean that poor girl is broken,” Sean says. Their team works with straws and scripts, but they are one of the few teams without filmstrips. The judges note that they don’t like Angela’s dress, but luckily, that wasn’t enough to put their team at the bottom.

Winning Team: Amanda, Korina and Christine’s science fiction inspired collection won the challenge. They used duct tape, bungee cords, masking tape, wires, straws, marquee letters, and cellophane. The judges admired their cohesion and use of color. While the designs go together, they aren’t identical. Nina says, “You have an A line. You have a flapper. And then there’s this body con silhouette.”

The team members say that Amanda should win the challenge, while Amanda tells the judges to pick the winner based on the best dress.

Losing Team: When the looks go down the runway, Hernan says, “I don’t think we’re going to be in the bottom. I think we’re going to be safe.” He was very, very wrong.

“They look like 3 identical dresses,” Heidi says.

The judges feel they went with the obvious choice in using just filmstrips. Carrie says that they had to make their whole collection in four hours because of Tim’s advice. Zac doesn't care about what could have been in front of him. He wants to talk about what they have now. Carrie also tells the judges that other people should be going home. Hernan suggests that Angela should be eliminated. They both believe in their designs while Sandhya is silent. Carrie tells the judges how wrong they are, and it isn’t surpising that guest judge Garance Doré comments on Carrie’s immaturity. When the judges ask Sandhya who should go home, she tells them to base their decision on the dresses.

Nina tells Sandhya that she’s lucky that she has immunity from winning last week’s challenge because her dress is the worst. When they go backstage, Hernan and Carrie tell the others that it’s Sandhya’s fault that they lost, but the designer tells the audience that she is choosing to take the highroad by staying silent.

“It is between Carrie and Hernan. We can always get rid of both of them,” Heidi says.

Winner: Amanda wins the challenge with recommendations from both of her teammates. “It was a couple years coming,” the veteran laughed.

Eliminated: Carrie loses the challenge. When she goes backstage to see the remaining contestants, she says, “This is bullshit…No offense, but we know who would’ve been going home and that’s unfair.”

"Project Runway" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. Who did you think deserved to go home this week? Sound off in the comments below.