Laurence Basse
Laurence Basse is the only designer from"Project Runway" Season 15 who has not received a negative comment from the judges. Lifetime

“Project Runway” Season 15 is just a few weeks away from its finale, and fans are already predicting that Laurence Basse will win.

Throughout the past four weeks, Basse has been at the top of the leader board. All of the judges have also been picking her creations as their number one choice. At present, Basse is the only designer in “Project Runway” Season 15 who hasn’t received any negative comments from the judges. According to Gold Derby, other contestants from the previous seasons who have also received at least five high scores and was never at the bottom were eventually named as winners.

Lagging close behind her is Erin Robertson, who has been on top for a couple weeks, but has also been at the bottom for three consecutive weeks. Robertson was very popular among the judges and the viewers, especially since she held the number one spot for the first seven weeks. However, her work has deteriorated since then. The designer who is currently in third place is Rik Villa, while Cornelius Ortiz is in the fourth spot.

Meanwhile, “Project Runway” judge Zac Posen has spoken positively of Basse’s and some of the other designers’ works on the Lifetime reality TV show. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, he also spoke highly of the show and said that it is still on air because it fosters creativity. “Very rare on television and that’s its staying power. We are as good as the talent we get on the show. That’s what, for me, brings our performance as judges each season and fashion is incredibly competitive. I think that over the last 15 years the industry itself has become more saturated so I think as a judge the stakes are higher,” he said.

“Project Runway” Season 15 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.