Prostate cancer is one debilitating disease that got a lot of men worried. In the UK, this type of cancer is regarded as the most prevalent among men. The worse thing about cancers is that they don’t have any cure. You just need to be vigilant, detect it early, so that you could also afford yourself the right kind of treatment.

The Revolutionary Prostate Cancer Test

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for your general practitioner’s confirmation in order for you to find the right treatment. This new test could revolutionize the manner by which men deal with the disease. The test will determine if you have the disease and the stage of the disease. Through the test, you would already know the point that you already need treatment. If you don’t have the disease, the test would also confirm it.

What makes this revolutionary test really great is that it can cut down all the other processes that patients normally go through before they get the right diagnosis from their doctors. You don’t need to undergo blood tests, biopsies, digital rectal examinations, MRI scans, and a lot more.

urine test prostate cancer
urine test prostate cancer jaytaix - Pixabay

Those who have previously been diagnosed can use the test too. If you have been diagnosed as low-risk and are currently in a watch and wait moved, the test could also detect where you are. If you belong to this group, it could follow-up on appointments from once per year to once per two to three years.

Prostate Urine Risk Test

The test, Prostate Urine Risk (PUR) test, developed by experts from the University of East Anglia and the Norfolk, would just get a sample urine. Patients don’t have to have their urines taken at the lab or the hospital since they could do it at home. There is also no need for them to undergo the dreaded rectal exam.

As per the researchers, led by Dr. Jeremy Clark, "The PUR test looks at gene expression in urine samples and provides vital information about whether a cancer is aggressive or 'low risk.”

With the ability to provide a urine sample at home, then simply have it analyzed without going through all the other rigorous tests, is something that could revolutionize the diagnosis, said Clark. This would also lead more men to be open to prostate cancer testing.