Users criticize Sony for not including USB charging cables with additional DualShock 4 controllers. Courtesy/Creative Commons

Gaming news site reports that multiple users and some gaming/tech publications that were given the PS4 system ahead of its release date Friday received bricked systems or systems that bricked shortly after their first use. Some consoles also developed errors that prevented correct display and usage, and it's possible consumers may experience these same defects.

In a majority of cases, the problem with the PS4 was caused by a damaged HDMI jack. Sony (NYSE:SNE) reportedly replaced the malfunctioning PlayStation 4 consoles or parts under its standard one-year warranty. While this glitch isn’t a major one, this may persuade buyers to choose Microsoft’s Xbox One over Sony’s next-gen system. Some early PS4 users also stated that the Playstation Network went down or functioned slowly as a result of too many players logging into the network at one time.

It is typical for new game systems to experience a few bugs shortly after a product launch, and buyers reported that Sony was quick to replace the defective PS4 parts, allowing five or six days for the new equipment to arrive.

Complaints are also being made about the PS4's individual DualShock 4 controllers not being equipped with an accompanying charging USB chord. “You would think you would get a USB chord to connect to the PS4 to charge … right?” said Kirsten Acuna of Business Insider. “Wrong … it tells you to use the same chord that came with the PS4 to charge both controllers.” Acuna also called the PS4 network's avatar selection “awful,” although the PS3 network avatar selection was extremely limited as well.

Do you have any complaints about Sony’s next-gen system? Will these issues, glitches and criticisms deter you from purchasing the PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.