Just three months after “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” lost its star, host David Cradick, another tragedy has struck the cast of the nationally syndicated radio show.

Shanon Murphy, a co-host known to listeners as “Psycho Shanon” on the longtime radio show, announced on “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” Monday that she was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. “Long story short: I have a brain tumor. It’s benign. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to have it operated on,” said Murphy, who explained her condition is going to require a risky, two-surgeon operation.

“If the tumor was anywhere else on my brain it wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s kind of wrapped about my brain stem and cerebellum,” she said with an audibly shaking voice. “It could lead to some permanent damage. I’m terrified. I could lose my vision, I could lose my hearing. My face could become paralyzed. There are a lot of ifs.”

Following her on-air revelation, Murphy gave an update of her medical condition on Fox 4-DVF in Dallas Monday, telling viewers she is feeling “off, but good.” In the interview, she said she has suffered from a lifelong battle with migraines, but was only recently diagnosed with a brain tumor after waking up to a swollen face and experiencing the sensation of numbness on the left side of her body. “I honestly thought it was just a sinus infection,” said Murphy, who revealed her doctor gave her diagnoses during the radio show’s annual Kidd's Kidd day.

“The timing of it was just strange. I freaked out. I didn’t really know what to think,” she said. “I still to some extent, I still don’t know what to think … it hasn’t really sunken in yet.”

Murphy’s tumor is reportedly slow-growing and was the result of an undiagnosed birth defect. Since the condition cannot be treated with chemotherapy or radiation, there will be surgery in late November.

Fellow “Kidd Kraddick” star, Kellie Rasberry, has since spoken out about her longtime co-star's diagnosis, saying the sudden passing of Cradick, the show’s former star, at the age of 53 has brought the cast closer together. “We really are like a family [and] with the passing of Kidd it’s even become more evident we really are family. When you’re going through a crisis situation, you go to your family.”