A woman experienced pubic hair growth on her face after a plastic surgery went haywire. She had a skin graft following a horrific dog attack.

Crystal Coombs was the latest guest on the Jan. 6 episode of "E!'s Botched" where she recalled how a pitbull tore apart a “chunk of tissue” from her face when she was only nine years old.

“When I was nine years old, my grandfather was holding a dog. I was actually pretty terrified of the pitbull. All I remember is black,” she told Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, the hosts of the episode.

Coombs said plastic surgeons were forced to perform the skin graft to heal the wound. They sourced the skin from her groin and did the surgery. “[The surgeon] suggested the skin graft, take it from the groin. They did the surgery and then the hair started growing,” Coombs said.

“So you’re getting pubic hair on your face?” Dr. Nassif asked. “Literal pubic hair,” Coombs replied. She said she was not forewarned about the possible "pubic hair growth".

Coombs said she became more self-conscious ever since she became a mom six months ago.

“I at first thought it didn’t affect me. Since having my daughter, I really started to get conscious of it,” Coombs added. She said she didn’t want her daughter to be teased by her future schoolmates.

Coombs sought the doctors’ help to make the patch as “small and minimal as possible,” but the surgeons said another surgery might entail risk.

“That skin graft is very close to critical anatomic structures like the nose, the cheeks and the eye, that if altered, even a little bit, can change the entire shape of the face, and look very deformed,” Dr. Dubrow said.

However, the doctors had a solution at their disposal. Dr. Nassir suggested to surgically implant a space filler which will stretch Coombs’ skin, thereby helping the doctors to remove the groin skin and close the void therein.

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