Vincent Laforet Air London
Vincent Laforet returns with Air London, a new set of photographs capturing spectacular views of the city. Vincent Laforet

What's left to do after you've conquered New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco? Take on London, of course. That's what Vincent Laforet is doing in the latest installment of his Project Air photo series. Project Air Europe sees Laforet take his innovate photography to a new continent. For his photos of London at night, he flew at an altitude of 6,000 feet and overcame his biggest challenge yet: the city's notorious weather.

London is the oldest city Laforet has shot for Project Air, which means plenty of interesting contrasts with the city's newer features. New York is dominated by skyscrapers, while Las Vegas is a neon-lit oasis in a vast desert dominated by the Strip. San Francisco has fog, rolling hills and a complicated grid of streets. London combines the old with the new, and Laforet's photos highlight a very colorful and modern city.

Air London
Big Ben is easily seen from 6,000 feet. Vincent Laforet

That last sentence may be a bit surprising because many associate London with clouds and rain. Even Laforet had doubts about the project, based on experience. "The weather is always a very real issue in London, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The last time I shot the city in 2008, it was extremely dark and the color and city felt flat to me with few visual anchors that could be captured at night. The city has no clear grid or design -- and all three of the above frankly scared me to death. I felt we were starting with the single most difficult series to launch the series. Never a good way to set yourself up," Laforet said. His opinion quickly changed when he was up in the air, describing London as having a "very special beauty."

The full set of Vincent's London photos can be seen here on Storehouse. You can also sign up to pre-order a book on Vincent’s Air series here. The entire Air Series in Europe is sponsored by G-Technology.

Laforet AIR London
The Gherkin is at the center of this image. Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet AIR London
London's street system does not follow any regular grid. Vincent Laforet

AIR London
Double decker buses and billboards? Why, it's Piccadilly Circus. Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet
No trip to London would be complete without a visit to Tower Bridge. Vincent Laforet