A woman was taken aback after she found a snake hiding in the top drawer of her desk at her office in Kiels Mountain, Australia.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said the woman “got the fright of her life” when she opened the draw of the desk. The woman “nearly fell off her chair as there was a Carpet Python hiding in amongst the stationary,” the post added.

The group also posted a video in which a man, reportedly a snake catcher, was seen opening the drawer. The reptile could be seen resting amongst other stationery items.

The post received several comments with some wanting to be hired by the company.

“If that job is hiring I’m in, oh and leave the snake too,” one user commented. “If there is one thing I have discovered about carpet pythons, they have a sense of humor.. kind of like the scary version of 'elf on the shelf' oh where is the python hiding today?” wrote another.

The incident comes days after a woman from Buderim, Australia, called the snake catchers after finding a snake curled up in one of her desk draws. In a Facebook post on Aug. 24, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said, “A Buderim lady got the fright of her life when she was cleaning up her desk/office area and stumbled across a snake curled up in one of her desk draws. Definitely not the scare you need just before going to bed. I went straight over and relocated the Common Tree Snake elsewhere.”

This is a representational image showing a woma python from Australia during the annual animal inventory at Zoo Berlin zoo in Berlin, Dec. 12, 2012. Getty Images/Sean Gallup