“Quantico” Season 3 will look very different in the fall. The ABC spy drama is going through many shakeups. Michael Seitzman, who created “Code Black,” is replacing Joshua Safran as the series showrunner. Not only will there be a new leader behind-the-scenes, but there will be several cast members missing as well when the series returns next year.

Aunjanue Ellis: Miranda is staying locked up. She was incarcerated for attempted murder after Alex’s fake death. It sounds like she’ll be in there for a while. Ellis will not return as a series regular in “Quantico” Season 3, but the Hollywood Reporter notes that she could return. She just wouldn’t be a full-time cast member.

Yasmine Al Massri: Say goodbye to the twins. When Season 3 left off, Nimah posed as Raina to get arrested and sent to prison, thinking she deserved to be locked up after joining the Citizens Liberation Front. Raina allowed herself to be arrested as well to help her get away from the FBI. It was actually Alex (Priyanka Chopra) who freed them both when she revealed that President Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris) was behind the AIC. After being set free from prison, Raina and Nimah’s stories are over.

Pearl Thusi: Dayana was on Claire’s (Marcia Cross) task force to determine who was behind the hostage crisis, but she had to return to her work life. She was assigned to be on a federal case and had to take the job to maintain her cover. It seems that’s the last we’ll hear of the CIA operative for a while.

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Thusi will keep busy with movie projects after departing the series. Her romantic dramedy “Catching Feelings” debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this month, and she is set to film a thriller called “The Blue Mauritius” this year.

Russell Tovey: Former MI-6 spy Harry Doyle wasn’t in the last few episodes of the Season 2, so it isn’t too surprising that he isn’t a cast member in Season 3. However, THR reports that he could return as a guest star.

Tovey is currently starring in the National Theatre’s production of “Angels in America” alongside Andrew Garfield in London. Live performances will be shown in U.S. movie theaters in July.

These casting changes are part of ABC’s plan to help make “Quantico” more successful. The show was in danger of being canceled this year due to falling ratings. The series was streamlined to one timeline in an effort to make it easier for new fans to jump in. A bit of a reset is expected for Season 3 as well to make it appealing for new audiences.

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Of course, plenty of your favorite characters will return for “Quantico” Season 3. Alex and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) will be back, and something will likely bring them out of hiding. Shelby (Johanna Braddy) is training the new FBI agents at Quantico now, and Owen (Blair Underwood) is deputy director of the CIA.

“Quantico” Season 3 will not premiere in the fall. The show will return to ABC midseason.